Apr 16, 2011

Various food etc.

I made miniature vegetables, potato, carrot and onion. Onion is very difficult to make to me. I was so tired. lol

Miniature plates that both as a soup plate and a gratin dish. I found as this design plate in the plate shop. I wanted to buy it, but there are already a lot of plates in my house, so I abandoned to buy. I satisfy making to miniature.

Salt and pepper. 

The roux package of Cream stew. Cream stew is very famous Japanese menu. Almost people like this menu. :-9

This is model. I will make milk bottle or orange juice bottle.


by Sonya said...

I love the gratin dishes!Very realistic!

Sian said...

The onions are amazing! So real!

Snowfern said...

amazing work as always! :) those onions look like they were worth the effort you put into it! Wonderful!