Jul 21, 2011

bagel etc.

I made miniature sliced bagel and marmalade jam. I put marmalade peel into the jam, but it can see little....
A small bowl of marmalade made from plastic board, I did a technique of heat press. It's difficult, specially to cut. I received some advices about heat press by other miniature creator. Hearing is easy but doing is difficult.

Ice cream and cookie.

Miniature decoration cream. I made new tip by the teeth of a saw on box of plastic wrap.


Beatriz Fernández said...

Se ve todo riquísimo!! Felicidades por tus trabajos son muy lindos!!
Saludos. Beatriz

Eliana said...

This looks really perfect and ... 'delicious'! : D

Snowfern said...

so beautiful! i always love your cute little representations of my fave snacks :D :D :D

MelyMel said...

Hello, you are a new follower, I discovered your blog and now I do not want to lose it! I wanted to congratulate you for your creations are beautiful and very real.
I have a blog, if you like to see me go,
many kisses

tomohachi said...

Thank you everyone. Muchisimas gracias. :)))

Welcome to my blog! I am very happy you discovered my blog! Thank you!