Jul 6, 2011

Plates etc.

Japan is very hot and humid everyday. XO
I made miniature unique plates,  a hedgehog and an apple with a leaf.

and, I made miniature common container, unique just handle (What is this name in the case of container? pull? catch? grip?), design of cheese and strawberry. It was hard to paint the color to strawberry. I must be think other design. I will put logos or illustration on these container.

OK, last one today. I made miniature mug and bagel. This mug is slender than old mug I made.  


anna said...

Your miniature is always sooo wonderfull! Greetings from Greece, it is hot here, too!

Katie said...

I just LOVE LOVE the hedgehog plate!! So freaking cute!!! And I like the tops on your canisters, too- so smart!!!

Eliana said...

I am a big fan of your blog ... (I think I said this before). These are beautiful pieces. I love this style: white, 'clean' ... and you are very talented!

A 'cold hug' from winter of São Paulo. (to make easier the summer from Japan) :D

Sian said...

You are amazing :-) Your things look SO real! I would call the strawberry on the top of the canister a 'knob' or handle,either works.

rosanna said...

Wonderful. How do you make them ? out of clay? they are incredible. Rosanna

customised mugs said...

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Make It Small said...

These are amazing, I wouldn't know how to begin to make these! Gill x

tomohachi said...

Thank you so much for commenting! :)))

Oh~! I miss winter!

Thank you for telling about call to top of the canister!
:D :D

These canister made from urethane resin. ;-)

Ana Anselmo said...

these are just fantastic! are they made of what?

Flor de Vita Amaro Zilli said...

I love your work, it is fantastic.

Snowfern said...

everything is so wonderful, as usual! (subarashi!! did i get it right? hehe)

i will try out polyurethane resin some day, when i feel braver. you have given me motivation again!