Jul 19, 2011


Japanese women soccer team "Nadeshiko Japan" won championship in FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011!  Players never give up, they give a dream and hope to Japan after disaster, especially to stricken areas in Northeastern Japan! We learned "Never give up Spirit" from them. Japanese people are exciting!

Some women live in stricken area told in TV interview "We are very happy their championship! They gave us power and hope! We also never give up!"

*"Nadeshiko" mean a kind of dianthus, comes from the phrase "Yamato Nadeshiko" -about Japanese woman-

They seems boys. hehehe

This player Homare Sawa got MVP.

This player Iwashimizu was born in Iwate, Northeastern, Japan. There is message on the national flag to Northeastern people.

Recover and rebuild in stricken areas are making very very slow progress by stupid government. ):-( A lot of people still are in public hall etc., and number of temporary housings are not enough. Why can not they leave from there, because country don't distribute them relief donations yet by bureaucratic reason. They lost house, money and job, they can not action smooth. (But, of course, there are other reason too. A part of them love for area, they don't have idea move to other city. And some people have got into the habit of laziness. They lose their independence. Anyway, it still have a loooot of problem in Japan.)


anna said...

it is nice to see your post!I think it is very brave to write so positive although there are so many problems! Congratulations for the football-team, this was a big joy for all of you! Many Greetings!

Eva said...

Congratulations from Germany, we watched the whole match and we are happy for the winners :)

Eliana said...

Knitting ...
In the first place, congratulations girls' soccer team of Japan. The team of Brazil, even with Marta (best player in the world) failed to reach the finals ...
It's a shame people are still suffering as a consequence of the great earthquake.
In Brazil, many cities in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, were destroyed by landslides caused by heavy rains. People also are still without help, the city is still destroyed, but the problem here is corruption (who help divert/steal the money).
Best wishes

Craftland said...

Aus Deutschland die herzlichsten Glückwünsche zum Gewinn der Frauen Fußball Weltmeisterschaft 2011. Die Spiele waren sehr spannend. Und die Stimmung in Deutschland war sehr gut. Alle haben sich mit Japan gefreut. Der Gewinn gibt eurem Land hoffentlich Zuversicht und Kraft, alle Schwierigkeiten bald zu meistern.
Liebe Grüße von Craftland

Snowfern said...

THanks for the updates, Tomohachi. it's good to hear -some- good news out of it all.


tomohachi said...

Thank you everyone! :) Registration of professional are only 5 players, almost players are not, they have a job in the daytime and practice to the football in the evening. They are spending hard time everyday. They are great.

The team of Brazil is very strong, men's football team too! Japanese men's football team can not exceed the team of Brazil easily. :,-(

I pray that the sufferings people by landslides caused are saved immediately.

Love from Japan