May 31, 2010

Meringue & open star decorating tip

I made miniature meringue that made from resin clay (air dry clay).
I put brown on the meringue. And I made about 200 meringues included practice one by one by miniature open star decorating tip.
I made miniature open star decorating tip too. I had investigated about how to make tip for a few days. I tried wring for cream that made from resin clay. There are fine lines. :D
I opened my way of making an open star decorating tip. 
First, prepare a wood stick sharpened by pencil sharpener, and make a few lines by chisel.  

And covered the wood stick with the epoxy putty (*1), and press for make lines on the epoxy putty , and the stick separate from putty gently and dry a few hour. 

After dried, cut the tip a little, arrange to conic shape. And same way actual to wring cream. After used, wash by water and wipe with a cloth. This tip could use a few times. 

The cream was made from resin clay "Grace" and "Hearty". Each mix, put in color and a few drops of water, and mix again to like a cream in the little cup etc. If it is too soft, there are not some lines on the cream, but if it is hard a little, the cream couldn't treat easily, besides fingers would became painful. The adjustment is difficult!   

I will improve more this tip. 

Thank you for reading!


Mari@ said...

Thank you for your suggestions... very useful. I'm beginning with plates but I bought mold in Miniaturitalia (Milan fair). I'm trying also to do some mold with silicon for my minis but the result... ehmmm... is not satisfactory for me.... I hope for well ;-)It's very difficult to do.

Unknown said...

such an amazing idea :O the results are looking very good! i still use the serrated edge from the aluminum foil box (like in one of your earlier posts about sweet potato biscuit?) but sometimes i wish it were easier to use and finer too :( this is really very helpful! thank you Tomohachi!

Belinda said...

i have never seen this, this is such a great idea !!! is it easier than the aluminium foil ?? i find the foil difficult to handle too ~~

Lorraine Escapita said...

Wow, thanks for sharing your method! I'll have to try it sometime, yours looks great!

Ascension said...

Ñma, ñam.....esos merengues estan para comerselos.
Muchisimas gracias por el tutorial
besitos ascension

tomohachi said...

I had created a lot of failure too. ha-ha-ha And I sometimes still fail making miniatures. Not to worry. You could get a satisfactory result for you soon. :-)

Yes, I used to use the serrated edge. (Oh! you had remembered my old post?! Thanks!) Sure, this edge is useful, but I felt some lines made by serrated edge are not fine. I'd like to need more fine lines. I tried make the serrated edge in aluminum plate. But I couldn't make fine serration. :,-( So, I used other material this time. :-)

ele B
Yes, I think it's easier. This tip is a little troublesome to make, but I feel the lines on the clay are beautiful and fine. :-)

Lorraine Escapita
Thank you! Yes, if you have opportunity, please try making this tip. ;-)

Siempre muchas gracias por su comment! Estoy muy contenta. :-))
Come! Come! :D

bastrota said...

That is a great idea - thank you very much for sharing.
I like your tiny world on the table and all of your work.

Hugs and greetings from Bavaria, Germany

GoodJibbCutter said...

Nice idea, However i hadn't heard of epoxy putty until now
Earlier, what I made to pipe out some Churros was made out of regular household junk,
- Sharp strong utility knife
- 1 500ml plastic softdrink bottle
- 1 square of waxy paper
(waxy preferred, mine was about
- Some tape
- Some cling/plastic wrap
(double up cling wrap may help)
Cut a star (or whatever) in the lid of a small plastic coke bottle and cut the bottle thread and lid away from the main bottle, leaving a little bottle wall (5cm perhaps or more) from just under the thread/neck to tape on the waxy paper cone (made out of a square folded into a triangle, then rolled into a cone,you will find many guides for making these cones on the web ).
DO NOT PLACE DOUGH DIRECTLY INTO PAPER CONE AND BOTTLE NECK YET !!, this will make a huge mess. PLACE CLING WRAP SQUARE INTO CONE FIRST TO LINE THE BAG !! - cut a small hole in center of the square of cling wrap then spoon the dough into the CLING WRAP, twist the wrap nicely to make an inner cling-wrap-bladder around your dough then wrap the cone ends like usual around the plastic bladder and its contents then, pipe away. This worked well and now i can just cut different types of tip designs from other coke lids to change on the fly simply by swapping the coke lids as i wanted.

Unknown said...

what a great tip an d timely for me just now! Thankyou for sharing it. Glynnis