May 24, 2010

About grammar

I think the English grammar is very difficult! X(
The grammar of Japanese language and English are very different, also the pronunciation.
For example...

     I    study    English
     I    eat   dinner     at the French restaurant

change the Japanese grammar:

     I    English    study.
     I    at the French restaurant   dinner   eat.

In the case of Japanese grammar, the verb is in last of sentence. And I guess we don't understand perfectly how to use article "the" and "a". Everyone may already have noticed this problem in my blog. LOL
And there are not tense in Japanese language.
For example,

My aunt lives in Tokyo. (present tense)
My aunt has lived in Tokyo. (present perfect tense)

Translate to Japanese, each same mean to us. The present tense and present perfect tense are same in Japanese. We translate in present tense.
I am still in confusion about tense. @_@


Karin F. said...

it's said that Russian is actually the hardest language to learn but I;m sure as you progress with your english leassons you'll see that we tend to use the same word for different meanings. :-{
And top it all off, google translate isn't very good yet.
hugs Karin

by Sonya Rotella said...

From italian to english there are big differents...I can't immagine from italian to japanese.....:-O
I bought 2 miniatures books from one ebay japanese store and I have not found in italy someone to transalete for me!!!!:-((
Thans for following my little beginner blog!

Merry Jingle said...

Well, you should try Finnish, I can imagine that it's a pain for a foreinger. We have these endings to all pnouns like word eat is in Finnish syödä and you can put all these different endings to it:

I eat - Minä syön
You eat - Sinä syöt
She eats - Hän syö
We eat - Me syömme
You eat - Te syötte
They eat - He syövät
We are eating - Me olemme syömässä
and so on...

I wouldn't want to try to learn Finnish :D

I think that Russian isn't that bad, the problem I would imagine is in learning the letter, the kids study Russian quite often at school here :)

I think that I would have the most problems with Japanese and Chinese :)

Betty said...

I spent a year and a semester studying Japanese and for some reason I understand Japanese much better than I understand English! It took me 6 years of immersion to learn English correctly. I think your English is pretty good in writing!

Now trying to figure out which Chinese dialect is easier to learn... that is a different story :)

Alice said...

Don't worry! It will be easier with practice, and of course more blogging, haha! But once you master English, learning lots of other languages, like French and German, become really easy too. :)

tomohachi said...

Everyone thank you for very interesting comments!

Hi! Karin F.
I seem Russian, Greek, Korean and Arabic etc. looks like the secret signs. LOL
>we tend to use the same word for different meanings.
Yes, I already see it in other English speaker's blog etc. I am bewildered and then stop thinking. LOL
>google translate isn't very good yet.
I think so too, and other translate site and software too. The machine is not useful. X-(

Chao! Sonya!
Yes, Italian and Japanese are very different too.
I got knew in your blog that you have miniatures books. :D I had read those books at the book store. There are a lot of making illustration with Japanese explanation, you know? (I'm sorry, I'm not sure I remember.) If you have how to make miniature food that you wanting know most, please send me the photo of the page by e-mail. I can't translate all pages, but I could try simple translation about a few foods from Japanese to English. :-)

Hi! Ira!
Thank you for teaching about Finnish. :) I seem Finnish conjugated form similar Spanish a little. I had learned Spanish. I had pain to learn the conjugate form. :,-( It's so far a way to lean Finnish. But Finnish alphabets are interesting. "ä" and "ö" looks like face. :D

Hi! Betty!
Japanese have three letters Kanji, HIragana and Katakana, besides there are various style of talking. I hear that Japanese learner has hard time to study and memorize them. Thank you for prize about my writing. :,-D I have confidence very a little.

Hi! Alice!
And I have other problem to learn English. I'm slow learner…. I can't memorize word. :,-(

Enjoy said...


I'm pretty sure that the sentence
"My aunt has lived in Tokyo." Is past tense. =_= Not present sorry, you speak good english tough.

Thu Phương Trần said...

I'm Vietnamese and I have studied English for several years, but my English is not that perfect. Vietnamese and English is different and difficult to study as well, but in my opinion, ENglish is easier compare to other languages like French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese...etc (Those languages I tried but fail)

tomohachi said...

Thank you for your comment.
I think so too. :)