May 18, 2010


I made miniature plate to display cake or fruit.
This plate is about 2.2cm in diameter, and was made from urethane resin.


Carol said...

Very nice work! Did you make your mold also?

by Sonya Rotella said...

Very beautifull!Is it for a special cake?

Ascension said...

besitos ascension

Merry Jingle said...

Wonderful, I love the shape. Your work is just amazing, I love all of it :)


tomohachi said...

Everyone thank you very much! :-)))
Yes, I made mold. All my plates have mold.
I'm going to put special pancake with strawberry and whipped cream on this plate. ;-)

Betty said...

Your works are very wonderful! I am a huge fan :)

I got some questions. How do you paint your finished resin pieces and make the resin shiny? I have been dying to know.

tomohachi said...

Hi! Betty! Thank you for your comment. :-))
I paint acrylic paint by paint brush. This acrylic paint is for plastic model, and have effect of burnish. :-)

Mari said...

So beautiful! Your blog is very nice :O)"Baci" from Rome, Italy

tomohachi said...

Hello! Mari!
Welcome to my miniature blog! and thank you for glad comment! :D