May 11, 2010

Wall and window

I put wall and window on the left side of dollhouse. First, I was going to put the wall on the left side all. But it feel very narrow and dark inside of house. So the wall is half.
And put two lines on the kitchen wall.
I put little paper on the sink to protect from dust. Because dust may go into the strainer. But I tilt this house to assemble many times. The paper fall frequently... :-(


Merry Jingle said...

It looks wonderful as all your work, you're so good in making miniatures :)


Lara said...

I love your kitchen, it is so nice and bright!

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

It looks lovely!

by Sonya said...

very beautifull kitchen!
I'm your follower from long time.
I love your miniatures and I hope one day you will sell also in Europe.
Sonya from Rome

Lorraine Escapita said...

It is looking so very precise with such great clean lines! You are a master builder! I wish I could do stuff like that.

miniacollection said...

I love yopur kitchen, the window is great and the colours too.

Lene said...

Hi, you're making some very nice things. It really looks like a real size house.

tomohachi said...

Dear Ira

Hi! Thank you for glad comment! :-))
Please enjoy my miniature world! :-D

Dear Lara

Hi! Thank you for glad comment! :-))
I like orange. This kitchen is my ideal kitchen. :-)

Dear The Dangerous Mezzo

Thank you for glad comment! :-))
I think so too. ha-ha-ha. :D

Dear Sonya Rotella

Hi! How are you? Thank you for glad comment! :-))
Yes, I am thinking and have plan to sell my miniatures to overseas.
Now, I read the rule and how to use of Etsy and I effort to understand those.
Please wait for my plan come true. ;-)

Dear Lorraine Escapita

Hi! Thank you for glad comment! :-))
This dollhouse looks like exactly in this photo,
but actual is some warps. LOL

tomohachi said...

Dear miniacollection

Hello! Thank you for glad comment! :-))
I like this window and color too. :-D

Dear Lene

Hi! I'm glad your comment "looks like a real size house". :-)))

Ascension said...

Tu cocina es una maravilla!!
Me encanta!!
besitos ascension